What we do

The College of Arts and Sciences marketing and communications team focuses on increasing visibility of and enrollment in the liberal arts disciplines and increasing private support for the College of Arts and Sciences.  Our work in support of the College spans brand alignment, digital and print communications, promotion and advertising, website development and design, broad based engagement and advancement communications.

The team’s primary responsibilities reflect the College’s commitment to attracting students into majors across the four divisions of our College.  Upon graduation, we strive to maintain lifelong engagement with our alumni and friends by building philanthropic relationships in support of our teaching and research mission.

The team also provides consultation, tools and resources for departments on brand alignment and broad based engagement strategy. See our comprehensive collection of tools and templates in our marketing and communications toolkit.

UW Department of English website

The Department of English joined the Department Web Framework, a content management system tailored to meet the needs of academic units in the College, in 2016.

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