Each department should include a "Support Us" or "Giving" page on their website.  We recommend that departments use the following format for this page.  These guidelines were developed in consultation with team members from Advancement, Marketing, and Donor Relations.

1. Lead with Appeal for Donations

Begin with a few sentences appealing for financial support.  Explain why people should give to your department: what do the funds go toward, why does your field matter.  Ask them to make a donation now through the form at the bottom of the page.  Keep it short.

Optional - Describe "Current Needs" or Priority Funds

This list should be short, since people are not likely to read through a long list of funds.  It should match department and campaign priorities as discussed with your advancement officer.  Include title of fund and one or two sentence description.

Optional - Link to Further Info about Giving Opportunities

If you would like to describe other, non-priority funds, or elaborate about a fund's purpose and background, list them on a separate "Giving Opportunities" page.  Then add a link to that page.  Example: "If you would like to learn more about funds that support our department, please see Giving Opportunities."  You can either list all the funds on that page with longer descriptions, or use that page to link to individual pages about each fund.

2. Describe Other Support Opportunities

If the page is titled "Support Us," conclude with a few sentences about other ways people can support your department.  Link to relevant pages with more information.  These opportunities might include participating on the Advisory Board, attending department events, mentoring students, or making in-kind donations.  The opportunities will vary by department.

If the page is titled "Giving," then it is not necessary to elaborate other support opportunities.

3. Embed UW Foundation Giving Form

Embed the UW Foundation Giving Form for your department at the bottom of the page.  This enables donors to make a gift without leaving your site or having to click to another page.  To embed the form, you only need to include a few lines of code that specify an iframe, as described in Online Giving Form (PDF).

If you would like to make changes to the funds listed on this form or their descriptions, please contact the marketing and communications specialist for your division.  They will help you coordinate the changes.