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Technology allows communicators easy access to large audiences in a very cost-effective way. It also provides us with an efficient way to segment our messages to specific audiences. Our team can provide consultation on email invitations and newsletters and help you leverage the power of social media to distribute your information effectively. Contact us and we'll be happy to talk about solutions that fit your needs. 

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Email Invitations and Newsletters

Effective e-mail communications are an integral part of your overall marketing and communications strategy. We can advise your department on how to build creative content that resonates with your audience, meets your strategic goals, and shares your key messages effectively.

The University currently uses a web tool called Marketo to distribute and track e-newsletters, e-blasts, and e-vites to a variety of audiences. We support many of the College's departments using Marketo to send their e-newsletters and e-mail invitations to varying degrees, depending on specific needs. Contact us if you are looking to learn more about Marketo or to discuss the role of the College in your departmental e-communications.

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Social Media Marketing

We can advise your department on how to build a social media strategy that reflects your unique offerings and meets your specific objectives. We can help develop strategies and tactics that will best leverage your digital assets to define your target audience, increase interaction and build relationships, and measure your return on investment. If your unit is considering exploring social media, request a project for a consultation.

Photo and Video

Photography & Videography for the Web

Need help getting video or photo content ready for the web? We have an app for that. 

Just kidding, but we can help prepare your pre-recorded video or images for web-based systems, or supply you with images from our stock inventory. In some cases, we are able to send a photographer or videographer to your department to capture, edit, and send you the files. However, due to limitations on staffing, this level of service is usually reserved for uniquely compelling stories or exceptionaly special occasions. If we aren't able to help, we can steer you in the right direction to find on-campus video and photography support.