Department Website Guidelines

All University of Washington websites should follow the guidelines available at

The brand website has specific instructions regarding colors, fonts, and logos, and links to many resources, including a photo database and web page components.


Following the recommendations below will create a look and feel similar to sites based in the College’s Department Web Framework.  This will visually signal your department’s connection to the university and create a better experience for students, faculty, and other web visitors.

(See more info about the Theme Designs and Color Schemes used on Department Web Framework sites.)

Arts & Sciences Header:

  • Include a large boundless W with Department Signature Logo, using department name in primary field and university wordmark in secondary field; if you do not have these graphics, request from Arts & Sciences marketing
  • Include a band across top with UW utility links (UW Home, College of Arts & Sciences, Directories, Maps, My UW)
  • Include search box in header, and login link (if applicable)
  • Position primary navigation horizontally below the header area

Example header designs (click image to enlarge):

UW Asian Languages & Literatures header design UW Scandinavian Studies header design

UW Dance header design UW American Indian Studies header design


Primary Navigation:

Use the following categories as top-level terms in your navigation, and organize all content into these areas.  These categories have been tested in usability studies with many academic units:

  1. People (faculty, staff, grad students, alumni, advisory boards, leadership)
  2. Programs & Courses (program descriptions and degrees offered, requirements, course info, admissions)
  3. Study Abroad or Labs or Facilities (may substitute a major strength of your department here, if it does not easily fall under another nav item)
  4. Research (publications, projects, dissertations, student work, key fields of study)
  5. News & Events (present/upcoming, archive, newsletter, calendar)
  6. Resources (advising, scholarships, internships, career advice, organizations, facilities, intranet links)
  7. About (mission, history, stay connected, support us, contact us, other background)

Stay Connected / Support links:

  • Include icons/links that invite visitors to connect with your department (mailing lists, social media, etc.) and donate to your department on every page
  • Follow guidelines for departmental giving pages


  • Include full address, phone, and email of department; copyright statement; links to Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Site Map, Contact Us