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Editing Your Profile

Most departments allow faculty, staff, and graduate students to edit informaton on their website profiles.  Some sites also have profiles for undergraduate students and alumni.  Follow these instructions to make changes to your profile.

Finding Your Profile

There are two ways to find your website profile.

1. Finding Your Profile via My Account Link

  1. Log in to your department website with your UW NetID.  Some sites have a "login" link in the upper right of the site, just above the main navigation bar. Others have a user icon in the top right.
  2. Click "My Account." This link appears in the same place where the login link was.
  3. Look for the heading "Your Profile." It should tell you whether your profile is published and whether it is included in the department directory. Click the "Edit Your Profile" link to make changes.
    If you don't have a profile on the department website, or if you don't have editing rights to your profile, you will see an explanatory message under "Your Profile."

2. Finding Your Profile via People Directory

  1. Go to the People Directory, click on your name, and view your profile page.
  2. Log in to your department website with your UW NetID.  Some sites have a "login" link in the upper right of the site, just above the main navigation bar. Others have a user icon in the top right.
  3. Click the "Edit" tab that appears at the top of your profile after login. If you do not see an edit tab, you may not have permission to edit your profile, and you should contact your department's administrator.

Editing Your Personal Information

You can change many elements of your website profile.  Names and job titles cannot be changed: request changes through department staff.  Contact information, office hours, biography paragraphs, degrees earned, areas of interest, and links to websites are usually editable.  You can also upload a CV or change your photo.  See a complete list of profile fields. Editing policies vary by department, so you may not have access to change all available fields.

Editing Your Research

Examples of research such as publications, projects, dissertations, honors theses, and creative work are added to the site separately so that they can be featured in the "Research" section as well as appear on your profile. Each research entry can contain a bibliographic citation, images, audio/video, links, and a description or abstract.

When you are selected under "People Involved" on a research item, it will appear on the "Research" tab of your profile.  A common cause of "missing" research is forgetting to associate yourself with the project under "People Involved."

To add new research, go to "My Account" and look for the "User Shortcuts" section. Choose "Add content" and select "Research" as the content type.  You can also use the "Add Research" tab that appears at the top of your profile page.

To edit existing research, find the item in the "Research" section or on your profile, and click so that you are viewing the page for that individual item.  Then click the "Edit" tab.  If you do not see an "Edit" tab, it may mean that you are not the owner of the item and don't have permission to change it.  If this is the case, notify your department staff and they can assign ownership to you.

Editing Your Courses Taught

Courses taught in the department's curriculum areas will automatically be listed on the "Courses Taught" tab of your profile.  If you wish to add additional notes about teaching experience, fill out the "Additional Courses" section on your profile, or include the info in your biography.

If courses are not automatically appearing on your Courses Taught tab, please contact your department administrator.

Requesting Removal

Department staff obtain student consent before posting any information about them on the website.  Since students can edit their profiles, they can then control what information is shared. Students who wish to be removed from their department website directory should contact the department administrator to withdraw their consent.

Faculty and staff are automatically included in the department directory. They can also control what information is included by editing their profiles.