How do I get started? 

Fill out the online request a project form

One of our marketing communications staffers will contact you to discuss your project.

Need help figuring out what graphics you need? Make an appointment, email and call ahead. Make an appointment to meet with our visual communications specialist to discuss your graphic needs by filling out the online request a project form

Hand over the content. 

Please give our visual communications specialist the content or image assets for your graphics (ie. text, photos, images, and illustrations). Make sure you’re organized and have all your text and photos labeled correctly and in folders. Email the content to the designer if the files are less than 5MB. If the files are larger than 5MB, let our visual communications specialist know and an FTP folder will be set up for you to upload your files, or if you are on campus, please transfer the files on a flash/jump drive or CD, call ahead and visit us in person. 

Proofing. We’ll give you 3.


When our visual communications specialist has a design layout ready for you to look at it, a PDF proof will be emailed to you. This is your chance to discuss changes to look and feel. Don’t like the color? No problem. Hate the font Times New Roman? Who doesn’t. Want to swap the photo for something better? You bet. 


The look and feel changes are made, now it’s time to proofread. 

Check for grammatical errors, typos, copyright issues with photos or artwork, page numbers, inaccuracies with fonts. Check more than once, three times is sufficient and have a co-worker with a set of fresh eyes to look at it too. And don’t forget to have you supervisor or direct-report review it. 


Review one last time before it is printed or published. 

The text changes have been made and most errors have been caught. Last chance before it goes to press. Triple check everything, text, photos, and layout. 

Estimates and Vendor 

Get an estimate or bid from Creative Communications or vendors, if you’re sending your graphics to be printed out-of-house. 

You can also contact Creative Communications request an estimate.

The visual communications specialist can assist you in getting bids by giving you information about what vendor to use and what specifications the vendor needs for an accurate bid, however the designer will not manage the project for you.  

Budget Number and Pre-Press 

You’re almost done. Once you’ve got a bid and decided on a vendor, make sure the project estimate is approved budget expense. Please provide the visual communications specialist with a budget number. Don’t forget shipping costs and taxes. The visual communications specialist will prepare the graphic files to hand off to the vendor and then place the order. 

The visual communications specialist will assist in handling the pre-press and printing process with the vendor and contact you about any printing problems and shipment of graphics. 


Turnaround Time for Printed Graphic Projects 

Design (2-3 weeks) 

The timeframe depends on the complexity of a project. A 250 page book may take 6 to 9 months to complete. A small 3 fold brochure may take 2 weeks to design. If you need an estimate of how long it will take to design your graphic please contact our visual communications specialist. Keep in mind other projects may be in the queue and we may not have the capacity to complete rush orders, however we can direct you to other resources that may meet your graphic needs. 

Proofing & Approvals (2 weeks)

Make sure you have sign off from your supervisor and all the appropriate stakeholders involved in the project.


Pre-Press (1 week)

The graphic designer will need some time to prepare all the graphic files for press and this can take from a day to a couple of days depending on the amount of photos and text in the graphic piece.  


Printing (2 weeks)

Most print vendors need 10 business days to complete a project.