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We can help you develop a dynamic website to showcase your academic programs, research, and faculty.  For some departments, we can build your new site and provide technical support after its launch, while your staff provide and manage the content.  If we don't have the ability to redesign your website, we can advise throughout the planning process while you work with an external developer.

We can also help you collaborate online. It doesn't matter if you need to share documents and data with someone in the next office, or on the other side of the world, we can help find a web-based collaboration solution.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Consultation and Strategy

Whether you’re building a site from scratch or redesigning an existing one, we can advise on best practices and approaches.  Some of the areas we specialize in are defining your website’s place in an overall communications strategy, helping refine and define your information architecture, planning for content creation and rotation, leveraging the power of the UW brand in your own graphic identity, educating designers or developers about university policies, and alerting you to tools or services available on campus that may be useful for your project.

Department Web Framework

This service is currently available to departments in the Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences Divisions.  Please contact Shane Fricks (sfricks@uw.edu) if you would like more information about the timing of our expansion.

We can transition your site into the Department Web Framework, a content management system tailored to meet the needs of academic units in the College.  We take your unit through the whole design process from beginning to end, including migrating content, customizing the look and feel, and training content editors.  We handle the hosting and technical support, so your staff can focus on writing and editing content.  Learn more about the features of these sites or find documentation and support for your existing framework site.

Site Express

The College's Site Express service is available to select non-departmental units.  The service is tailored to meet the needs of smaller, degree-granting,  units in the College.  You can learn about eligibility, and the features offered on our Site Express page. Please contact Shane Fricks (sfricks@uw.edu) if you would like more information about Site Express.


If you are looking for help with an existing site support by the CAS Web Team, please contact us at asweb@uw.edu

Additional Resources

If your department is not eligible for the Department Web Framework, or you have in-house resources to assist with website management, we encourage you to explore the following options:

  • Department design guidelines: Following these guidelines will ensure that your site looks professional and is consistent with sites built in the Department Web Framework, leading to a better experience for users (i.e., your students and faculty!).
  • Department giving page guidelines: See our recommendations to create an effective giving page to encourage donations to your department.
  • UW Blogs Network: Get a UW-branded WordPress site quickly and easily, without having to worry about the setup or technical maintenance.  (Don't let the name throw you; WordPress can run traditional websites as well as blogs.)
  • Drupal or WordPress on UW-IT servers: If you need more flexibility than the UW Blogs Network provides, build your own site with one of these open-source content management systems used widely around campus.